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Digital Agency for SaaS

Blindcut is an Internet privacy SaaS company that is committed to making powerful privacy technology that anyone can use. We support Blindcut as a digital agency of record for all of its software products–working collaboratively in brand development, user experience, design, content, and communication strategies.

We were first approached by Blindcut to assist in developing the primary Blindcut brand and creating a digital foundation for their go to market strategy. We created the brand to be approachable, trustworthy, and refreshingly simple. The website details Blindcut's features and pricing, along with resources for educating potential customers in the various potential privacy hazards that exist in the websites they use everyday.


Visual Identity

For Blindcut's visual identity, we wanted to develop a logo mark that could act like water–symbolizing the company's commitment to providing a clean browsing experience, regardless of the device you're using. And like water, the logo mark fills whatever container it's put in. The Blindcut wave can be found in multiple shapes, depending on its environment. From mobile app icon to website graphics to advertising backgrounds, the wave provides continuity and dynamism to every customer interaction.


Desktop Browser App Design


User Management System


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