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We’re Amorphous

(It's not as weird as it sounds)

We don’t believe in bosses. We don’t believe in confining our workforce to their respective departments, or that only creatives can create. Instead, we approach every problem from multiple angles to reach unified solutions with impact. As a group of talented, forward-thinking people, we aren’t just our job titles. We’re a complex network of interests, experiences and thoughts that come together as a sum greater than its parts.


Miles Roxas

Co-Founder, Creative Director

As Creative Director, Miles employs his extensive knowledge of web development to create designs that translate directly to the browser seamlessly. He leads the design team, often designing directly on the browser via code and using cutting edge web-based technologies that make our workflow much faster and more efficient. Miles also commands creative direction for user interaction design and brand identity development. His philosophy is that design is not art for art’s sake - design is a direct attempt at solving a particular set of problems through visual and emotional cues.


Nick Dank

Co-Founder, Director of Strategy

Nick’s main focus is building emotionally engaging narratives that take brand communications further. He leads strategy and marketing efforts, including developing and managing comprehensive campaign strategies, analytics and content. However, his foundation in web design and development also enable him to translate messaging and strategy to highly engaging user experience design. Nick is also a passionate industry writer, most recently being published in UX Magazine.


Zachary Brady

Partner, Director of Technology

Zachary approaches web development and consultation with a blend of out-of-the-box thinking and logical, clean executions. As Director of Technology, Zacks leads the development team in applying this critical thinking to creating intuitive and interactive experiences that address both client and end-user needs. Zack is also a pioneering advocate of web performance and accessibility, insistently building fast, lightweight websites with high powered, engaging user experiences, regardless of the user’s ability.In addition to their work as a web professional, Zachary is also a practicing artist focusing on interactive art. Their augmented reality work, the SkywriteAR series–made in collaboration with Will Pappenheimer, has shown at exhibitions including the Whitney Museum in New York City, Virtuale Switzerland at Basel Münsterplatz, and the FACT Museum in Liverpool, England.

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