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The Work

Still the One

Born From Passion & Craft


Opportunity & Background

Still the One Distillery is an artisan distillery located on the Byram River in Port Chester, NY, and the first distillery in Westchester County, NY since before Prohibition. Still the One produces complex, unique spirits distilled from ingredients like orange flower honey, local organic wheat and rye, and even locally produced craft beer. Recently, Master Distiller, Ed Tiedge, has expanded Still the One’s product offering to include a line of whiskeys–such as their 287 Single Malt Whiskey, distilled from local brewery Captain Lawrence Freshchester Pale Ale. As such, Still the One was looking for a website redesign to conform to their new brand identity and shows their commitment to innovative, quality spirits.


Still the One Distillery has a passion for great quality product, and they aren’t afraid to do things the hard way to get a spectacular end result. We worked with Still the One to tell their story of passion and craft through a visually engaging website and impactful content.

We used photo and video as the basis of our creative direction, capturing imagery of low lit distillery equipment to convey a narrative of working late into the night or early in the morning to distil the perfect spirit. We then created a promotional video of Still the One’s bottling process to show how each bottle is handcrafted and signed by the distiller. This video is featured on the homepage of the website, and acts as a way to connect with the audience.


We then created a responsive, dynamic website, built on a content management system for easy updates via a highly customized back-end. The website includes Still the One’s origin story, a breakdown of the distillation process, product information pages and a library of cocktails using Still the One spirits. We also included a product finder–just input a zip code and get a list of the closest bars, restaurants and retail stores that carry Still the One products.

Still the One Distillery now has a digital presence that accurately reflects their brand identity and values.

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