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The Work

Infinite Explorers

Taking the Next First Step

Opportunity & Background

Infinite Explorers is an editorial startup with a focus on profiling the journeys of people with interesting, unconventional or inspirational career and life paths.



At the start of our relationship, Infinite Explorers was still on the ground floor and it was clear that refinement in branding, concept and product were needed.

We established a more refined brand, including logo adjustments, voice and editorial design standards, and a brand identity system that outlined the company’s voice through both direct user interface communication and article content.

We performed user testing to identify key issues with the product and found that, being that Infinite Explorers presents a disruptive and revolutionary way to think about career development, users were having a difficult time with understanding the key concept. Once they finally understood the website’s mission and dived into article content, users responded very positively and were enthralled and inspired by the stories.

Taking this user data into account, we knew that presenting a more clear understanding of Infinite Explorers’ mission at first glance would help potential readers connect with the brand, and promote more engagement. We redesigned the website to give more context to the visual navigation, as well as integrated messaging that helps readers understand the platform’s purpose. Additional user testing was done to check the effectiveness of the new user experience, resulting in positive increases in user understanding and easier flow throughout the site.

As we move forward with Infinite Explorers, we have continued to innovate their product and process. We are in the final stages of a rebuild of their web app, and have plans to launch shortly.



Our efforts in user experience, design and messaging have resulted in a 51% increase in users, with more users staying on the site for longer periods of time. Additionally, we’ve seen a 46% increase in user engagement - showing that not only are users able to more easily find content, they’re more interested in the content they find.

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