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Squarespace vs WordPress? That Might Be the Wrong Question.

A lot of blog writers have been offering opinions regarding Squarespace vs WordPress, something that I think is a bit of bad advice. In my opinion, these two Content Management Systems should not be compared, as they really operate in very different capacities. And based on my experience here at Suits & Sandals, there are definitely good uses for both.


You might find it odd for a company that specializes in modern web design to be recommending Squarespace. And it is. But I personally believe there is a time and place for everything - including WYSIWYG built websites. As with any web technology, there are limitations to Squarespace (in this case lots, but we'll get into that). But there are also merits, and certain businesses can be successful with a Squarespace website (at least for a short time).

The Pros

The Cons

My Verdict


WordPress is an extremely powerful tool for managing content, especially when customized by excellent developers (eg. Zack Brady, our Director of Technology and WordPress hacker extraordinaire). That’s why I recommend working with a digital agency with CMS customization experience if you’re thinking about building a WordPress website.

What Matters Most

Regardless of which CMS you use, it is extremely important to remember that, at the end of the day, what matters most is the content. Without a content strategy that will effectively deliver the right message to the user, and a search marketing strategy that will help new users find that content, any website is basically just going to lay dormant.

So if you’re interested in getting started with a digital presence for your business, devoting your budget to working with an agency to build brand awareness through SEO and content strategies is a smart move. When the revenue starts coming in and your business is ready to scale up, that’s the perfect time to move to a more robust CMS like WordPress and have the website professionally designed and developed.

If you’re thinking of getting started with either a Squarespace or WordPress website, give us a shout! We’re available to help with everything from digital marketing consulting to a full CMS development build out. Either call us at 914-215-1587 or contact us here. Your web presence will thank you.

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