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Are your conversion optimization efforts actually leading to more sales?

Conversion optimization is a common boardroom discussion topic across industries. Unfortunately, far too many conversion optimization discussions fail to look at a critical component. Are the efforts actually leading to more sales, or are they only focused on one part of the sales funnel? Failing to identify the goals of your conversion efforts is like going fishing without the right lure or bait. If you want to make your conversion optimization efforts lead to more sales, then you need to look at the bigger picture.

What Exactly Is The Purpose Of Conversion Rate Optimization Efforts?

The importance of conversion optimization cannot be overstated. Take, for example The Weather Channel, which managed to increase its subscription conversions by an astounding 225 percent when they simplified their homepage and associated subscription CTA. According to a Forrester Consulting study, using liquid personalization can increase email open rates by 28 percent, while connected content can increase open rates by 85 percent. They key differences between The Weather Channel and The Forrester Consulting findings are that they were focused on different conversion goals.

Conversion goals come in all shapes and sizes. They can be used to encourage people to sign-up to a specific email list, download an informative case study, or purchase your company's products or services. No matter the goal, conversion rate optimization relies on your ability to look at your web content and marketing materials with a fresh pair of eyes. You will need to ensure that every element is working a harmonious fashion that helps you achieve your business objectives.

Let's say that you want improve your website's conversion rates so that you can boost sales. If you want to achieve the latter goal then you will need to implement a range of CRO techniques, including: website A/B split testing, upgraded visuals, reduced navigation options, fewer form fields, and enhanced text. Finally, you will also need to ensure that your site has the perfect balance between engaging, dynamic, informative, and sales-worthy content.

Choose Conversion Optimization Efforts That Are Geared Towards Increased Sales

The following tactics can help you to increase sales through the right conversion optimization efforts.

  • Website A/B Testing. -- This classic conversion rate optimization method will help you identify the design changes needed for higher conversions. It is also incredibly helpful if you want to test how new pages are performing across different segmented audiences. Finally, website A/B testing can help you to gather the data needed to create personalized audience experiences that leverage the power of your carefully crafted brand voice.
  • Improving Visuals. -- The old adage "a photo speaks a thousand words," still rings true. In our photo friendly world (thanks social media), first impressions are everything, which is why you must choose the right visual aids. Clean, simple, relevant, and high quality are words to live by when selecting your images. The right visuals must also be connected to the content to produce the desired conversion results.
  • Enhancing Your Site’s Content. -- Digital content should always be informative. Whether it is giving a potential customer more insight into your brand's personality, or actively answering their search questions, content needs to be relevant and engaging. It should also be well written, factual, interesting, and grammatically correct. Finally, the content will need to be formatted for the skimmers, avid readers, and everyone in between.
  • Improving CTAs. -- Subtle or in-your-face, the choice is yours when it comes to CTAs. With this attitude in mind, we do have one quick word of advice. Just as you tested your site pages, so too should you test your CTAs. Changing the color, language, and placement of your CTAs can make a world of difference to your conversion optimization efforts.

The above four strategies can help you to effectively improve your conversion rates, so that you can inevitably increase sales. Remember that your chosen strategies should work together in perfect harmony for the optimal results.

Create A Symbiotic Relationship That Supports Conversion Efforts

The right branding, technology, and marketing messages should be carefully curated to create a symbiotic relationship that supports your conversion optimization efforts. With these goals in mind, the most important lesson that this blog post should have taught you is to actively choose your conversion goals. If your conversion goals are focused on gathering new leads, then you won't see the jump in sales that you were expecting. Fortunately, the right branding agency can help you to discover the tools, approach, and actions needed to encourage customers to keep their wallets open and their eyes on your business.

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