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Are You Using The Right CRM For Your Business?

We live in an age of choice. However, sometimes the plethora of digital solutions can be overwhelming. We might say "yes" when we should have said "not today." The same concept applies to finding the right CRM. Instead of being stuck in a state of indecision where we rely on outdated spreadsheets that worked when our business had one employee and one customer, we need to choose a robust solution that will give us a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.

Why Do Businesses Need A Good CRM?

How we connect with our audiences has changed. Millennials saw to this change by becoming the first digitally driven generation. In fact, 47 percent of adults will readily give away their personal information, just so that they can have a better experience with a company. This is an astounding figure when you think about the trillions of dollars that are spent by consumers on a yearly basis. Of course, an individual's willingness to give away his or her personal information means nothing if you don't have a CRM. Without a CRM you won't be able to leverage the wealth of available data as you try to establish meaningful connections with your customers.

At its core a CRM should be an invaluable marketing tool. It should help you achieve the following goals:

  1. Track your organization's interactions with leads.
  2. Define warm leads and prospects.
  3. Identify returning customers.
  4. Deliver a customer relationship management solution that is rich in data.

The last goal is where using an outdated solution, such as an Excel spreadsheet, struggles. Unlike pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet, a robust CRM will accurately store contact information. It will help sales representatives work with marketing teams to create demographic-rich audience personas that are built on accurately gathered data. Finally, it will deliver a unified experience that removes silos from your sales and marketing efforts.

3 Characteristics Of A Robust CRM

Without the right CRM, your leads will sit unattended at the early stages of your sales funnel, while your existing customers will never hear about the opportunities that exist with your other services and products. Just as you choose the right tech to create a more personal customer journey, so too do you need to select a CRM with the tools needed to schedule meetings, follow-up with leads using dynamic content, and track activity KPIs. The good news is that the Suits & Sandals team is here to help.

At Suits & Sandals, we believe in helping our clients discover the robust CRMs that they need to achieve business success. The core of this belief stems from the knowledge that the following three characteristics are must-have features of a robust CRM.

  1. The ability to properly store data. -- data in silos. A robust CRM will store data in an accessible, secure, and easy to navigate platform. In short, everything that the sales associate needs to maintain or build a relationship should be organized and easily accessible within the CRM. From the touchpoint that first attracted the prospect, to the number of times that the prospect has interacted with the organization, to identifying the piece of dynamic content that responds to the prospect's pain points, the CRM is the key to building and maintaining lucrative relationships.
  2. Easy tracking of sales and marketing activities. -- Organizations grow when they embrace an environment of continuous improvements. However, it is hard to implement improvements if sales and marketing activities aren't tracked. Fortunately, the right CRM will not only streamline reporting capabilities, but it will also make it easier to track the activities of the entire sales and marketing departments. By enhancing reporting and tracking capabilities, CRMs will help managers identify areas of strength and weaknesses. The latter knowledge can then be used to update digital communications so that your organization puts the right foot forward with its brand messaging.
  3. Scalable. -- This last characteristic is imperative if you want your organization to reach new heights. When you were a small company with five or fewer customers, you might have relied on spreadsheet to track your customer interactions. The latter strategy might have worked for a time, but now, as you grow, you need to embrace a new solution. A robust CRM can and should be agile and flexible as it helps you achieve scalable growth. The CRM should paint an accurate description for every single prospect, previous customer, and current customer. The description should automatically be updated with data gleaned from every new interaction. Finally, it should work with your existing technologies to create a more human experience that your customers crave.

Choose The Right CRM With Our Help

In today's competitive business landscape you can't get away with a siloed approach to managing your customer relationships. The wrong CRM is like choosing the same stock photos that your competitors use on their blogs. Your customers will notice, and they won't be impressed. Instead, with the help of the Suits & Sandals team, you can discover a world of growth opportunities that exist when you choose the right CRM. Improve your brand communications with customers, create the optimal customer experience with every interaction, and discover the insights that you need to leverage the power of segmenting audiences. No matter your business goals, our team will help you select the scalable, agile, and robust CRM that your organization needs to reach new heights. To learn more, contact a member of the Suits & Sandals team today.