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About S&S

Part consulting. Part design. Part technology. Always creative.

What does "always creative" mean?

We don't view creativity to be something that refers exclusively to art and copy. For us, success is found in our ability to think creatively in all aspects of our work–to apply knowledge, utilize technology, and think about communication in unconventional and innovative ways.

Our Story

About Icp Fpo

Connect People, Solve Problems.

Since 2011, we've taken a unique perspective on the intersection between branding, technology, and human communication. As a fledgling web design agency, we applied research and data to create websites that could be harnessed to solve real business challenges. Over time we realized that this same research not only helped us build better websites, but gave our clients insights that often fundamentally transformed how they do business. We knew we were on to something.

We started thinking more comprehensively about branding, how companies communicate with their various audiences, and how they use technology to facilitate that communication. We began developing new techniques for researching and qualifying challenges, and harnessing insights from that research process into effective solutions for our clients. Through countless hours of consistent application and improvement of this workflow, we've evolved how we work with our clients–bringing them far more value in the process.

Now, we’re equal parts branding agency, digital agency and communications consultancy. We help organizations find their place in the market, bring them valuable insights and recommendations, build the tools they need to successfully connect with the right people, and effectively solve important problems.

Nice to Meet You.

We're an interdisciplinary group of people who come together to view challenges from multiple perspectives. Like an orchestra, we each play our own instrument–harmonizing to create something that's more than the sum of its parts.


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Miles Roxas



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Director of Operations

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Project Manager

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Art Director

Max Bangora


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Our approach is what makes us different

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